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Outside of our regular hours, MIT affiliates (students, groups, faculty, staff, or affiliates) can rent out the pub for private events. Please submit your event request through the form below at least two weeks beforehand, to give management enough time to review your request. All correspondence regarding your event will be conducted over email after the events team receives your request.


Why do I need to submit the event request form? Submitting the event request form initiates contact with the events team, who are responsible for evaluating your request and determining whether the pub can accommodate it.

What counts as an event? If you would like to rent the pub outside of our regular hours, you must submit an event request form. If you would like to have any kind of organized activity in the pub during regular hours, you should also submit the event request form. If you are bringing a large group to our regular programming (20+ people), we would appreciate a notification through the event request form.

How much in advance do I need to submit the form? You must submit the form at least two weeks in advance of your event. The events team typically processes events communications once per week. Two weeks is the least amount of time it usually takes to properly coordinate events. If your event may require a significant amount of setup or planning, you should consider submitting the form more than two weeks in advance. If you need to have a space for your event confirmed by a certain date, you should consider submitting the form at least two weeks in advance of that deadline.

Do I need to be an MIT affiliate to rent the pub? Yes, only MIT affiliates can rent the pub.

Why is the Muddy Charles Pub listed as a location? The Thirsty Ear and Muddy Charles event requests are all handled by one team, so the same form is used for both spaces. If you are interested in either space for your event, just indicate in your event description that you are open to renting either space if one is already booked. There's no need to submit two event requests.

What does it cost to rent the pub? The pricing for renting the pub is all quote-based. Please submit an event request form with your event details. If we can accommodate you, the events team will send you a quote.

How late can my event go? Out of respect for our student staff and the residents in Ashdown, we will not readily accommodate events that go past 10 PM.

Do you reject event requests? Yes, the pubs both receive many event reqeusts, and unfortunately we cannot accommodate everyone.

Can I rent or reserve space in the pub during the pub's regular hours? No, space in the pub is always on a first-come, first-serve basis during its regular hours.

What is the difference between a cash bar and a hosted bar? When you rent out the pub, a cash bar means that your guests will all pay for their own drinks. A hosted bar means that you the host will be responsible for covering the cost of the drinks.

Is there a phone number I can call or a person I can meet with to discuss my event request? No, all communication regarding event planning is handled over email, and you must submit an event request form to initiate contact.