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We are a student-run pub on MIT's campus, here to serve the 21+ MIT community! MIT affiliates with MIT and 21+ ID are always welcome in the pub during normal operating hours, space permitting, provided they respect the rules and the staff who uphold them. If you are new to MIT or just to the pubs, this information will help prepare you for your visit to a campus pub. As you may or may not have heard, the state of Massachusetts is known for having some of the strictest liquor laws in the country—and US liquor laws are already quite restrictive compared to other countries. Furthermore, MIT has its own specific policies regarding alcohol, which can be found in the MIT Mind and Hand Book. As the Institution of the Institute, the Thirsty Ear operates under a strict framework to promote a culture of safety, while providing an opportunity for responsible consumption of malt beverages and wine.

Pub Rules

  1. Please respect the staff, their word is final.
  2. Treat the staff as you wish to be treated.
  3. Do not touch the staff.

Other Useful Information

Expectations for behavior in the pub

The Thirsty Ear Pub, as a student-run organization, has the same expectations for all of its patrons as MIT has for its students. These expectations are laid out in the MIT Mind and Hand Book. The staff will address any behavior that violates these rules and expectations within the pub. Please respect any decisions of the staff, as their main concern is the safe operation of the pub. Groups in the Thirsty Ear during normal operating hours should be considerate of the fact that they are not the only group in the space and act accordingly. Karaoke etiquette dictates that individuals participating in karaoke should respect the direction of the karaoke host, approaching the stage only when called and vacating it when their song is completed. During trivia, if your group is not participating, please refrain from loud activities that will interfere with the game.

Guest Policy

Individual MIT affiliates may bring guests into the pub. However, the staff will hold these affiliates responsible for their guest's behavior and to inform their guests beforehand of what our expectations are for behavior in the pub. This means that the staff expect an MIT-affiliated individual to be attached to every non-affiliated individual, and that the non-affiliated individual will not remain in the pub or expect to be admitted another time without their MIT-affiliated host. The number of guests allowed per MIT affiliate is up to the discretion of the staff on a case-by-case basis. Expectations for guests' behavior in the pub are the same as those for an MIT affiliate, particularly when it comes to following the MIT Mind and Hand Book, even though they are not MIT students, and respecting the decisions of the staff. MIT affiliates should remind their guests to bring a 21+ government ID. The staff will readily accept valid MA IDs and passports.

Events Policy

Any organized event or activity at the pub should go through the event form to be vetted. The form can be found under Reserve the Pub. If such an event or activity would disrupt the normal operation and programming of the pub, the MIT pubs events team may advise the organizing group to rent out the pub specifically for their event. Groups that come in during normal operating hours must have MIT and 21+ IDs. Space in the pub will not be reserved for groups and is first come, first serve. Any group at the Thirsty Ear engaging in unsanctioned activities that change the overall vibe of the pub will be asked to cease or leave by the staff. If you are uncertain whether your group will be disruptive to normal operations, please submit an event form.


In case you were curious, the following may not be a comprehensive list, but it covers some issues that may have been encountered before and the staff would prefer not to encounter again in three categories: absolutely against the rules (See Mind and Hand Book, Federal, or MA state law), dangerous to yourself or others, and disruptive to the vibe of the pub.

Absolutely against the rules

Dangerous to yourself or others

Disruptive to the vibe of the pub