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About TEEC

Did you know that the Thirsty Ear is student-run? The Thirsty Ear Executive Committee (TEEC) is an ASA recognized, MIT funded student organization dedicated to building community around and providing student leadership for our favorite campus pub. TEEC helps to determine the long-term direction of the pub, while we organize fun events that serve the MIT community in the short term. On a week-to-week basis, TEEC is responsible for hosting Tuesday pub trivia and Thursday karaoke. We are always looking for more students who are looking for ways to give back and contribute to the MIT graduate student community! If you would like to get involved (maybe as a trivia host, karaoke jockey, or in any other capacity), please email or check the calendar on the Events page for our next meeting.

History of the Pub

The Thirsty Ear Pub has more than 50 years of history associated with it, always in close connection to Ashdown House, both the old and new locations. The first incarnation of the Thirsty Ear came about in 1964 in what was then Graduate House. (Located at 305 Memorial Drive, Graduate House was renamed after the original headmaster Dr. Avery Ashdown in 1965). Originally a Graduate House Executive Committee (GHEC) subcommittee, the Thirsty Ear Committee soon split off as an autonomous student group with a "nightclub" (or perhaps a snack bar), fashioned after the popular San Francisco nightclub the hungry i, in the basement of the House. This Thirsty Ear seemed best known for its live music. While our knowledge of the period is spotty at best, the Thirsty Ear most likely closed in '71, to cut down on the total expenses of Ashdown House.

In 1981, the Thirsty Ear was reincarnated by a group in Ashdown called the Hard Corps, known for its social events and parties. Over the years, regular programming developed including events like trivia, karaoke, live music, comedy night, ladies' night, and more. In 2004, however, the Thirsty Ear briefly faced closure again, due to lack of administrative oversight, but it reopened that same fall under the Campus Dining office with a renewed focus on programming and events. In 2008, when Ashdown House relocated to its current location in NW35, the Thirsty Ear Pub went with it, bringing along some mementos of its previous location including a large bottle-cap art piece, currently displayed on the wall next to the bar.

Today, the Thirsty Ear remains a place to hang out and take a break from all the science in a chill (seriously, beware the AC) environment. We remain committed to providing a safe and inclusive space to drink responsibly, if that's what you want to do, while enjoying our regular programming. We still offer weekly trivia and karaoke, as well as events like themed flight nights with fun food offerings.

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